Searchlights are the best way to get your message out to a whole city! Whether you have a grand opening, a party, a sale, or a premiere, our searchlights are THE way to draw a crowd!

Our units are self-contained 4-head, continuously rotating searchlights. All they need is a parking space!

Call Greg Duncan today at 615/ 256.0977 to book a Searchlight for your next event!

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Searchlights:

Q: Do you have offices outside Nashville, TN?
A: No, but we do serve a multi-state area.  Recently we have worked in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Q: What type of searchlights do you offer?
A: We currently own two of the four-head units. Each head outputs 3,000 watts.

Q: What type of plug or power do I need to provide?
A: None.  Our searchlights are self-contained and are powered by a diesel generator.

Q: Isn't a diesel engine awfully noisy and smelly?
A: It’s not awful, but yes to both questions.  The searchlights should not be placed near an entrance or exit to ensure the exhaust does not enter your venue.

Q: Will I need to provide diesel fuel?
A: No--fuel is included in the price of the searchlight.

Q: How do I transport the searchlights?
A: You don’t have to! Bradfield Stage Lighting always provides delivery, setup, operation and removal.

Q: How large is the searchlight?
A: Approximately 7' tall x 7' wide x 13' long.  It will fit in a standard parking space. It is roughly the size of a large SUV.

Q: What color of light do the searchlights create?
A: Only white.  Trying to place a color in the sky, like green or red, only diminishes the effectiveness of the searchlight.

Q: Are you able to project my company logo in the sky?
A: No.  Only Hollywood magic can create a Batman logo in the night sky.

Q: I have an event at 6pm on July 1st.  Will the searchlight draw more people?
A: Unfortunately no, as it is still daylight.  Searchlights are not effective unless it is dark. Click here to see the approximate time it gets dark in your city.

Q: How far away can people see the lights?
A: It depends on the weather.  On a clear night the sight distance may be three to four miles.  On a cloudy night the distance could be as much as ten miles.  Clouds provide a surface for the light to hit, which makes it more visible.

Q: Do I need a permit?
A: Maybe.  Check with you local codes department to know for sure.  Permits, if necessary, are the responsibility of the buyer.