Bradfield stage lighting

Our sales department is ready to help you with the tools you need! We stock both Rosco and GAM gel in house, as well as a wide range of other accessories and expendables. Here is a sample of the items we keep on the shelf:

  1. Lamps

  2. Stage hardware

  3. DMX cable

  4. Connectors

  5. Gel frames

  6. Pattern holders

  7. Fog and haze fluids

  8. Tie Line

  9. Duvetyn

  1. Rosco gel

  2. GAM gel

  3. Patterns

  4. Rosco paint

  5. Rosco Flamex

  6. Spike tape

  7. Gaffers tape

  8. Glow tape

  9. Board Tape

If you need something we don’t currently have in stock, we can usually get it in just a few days, or even overnight!

If what you are looking for is fixtures, dimmers, consoles, truss, or other lighting equipment, we can help you with that too! Here is a list of some of the vendors we represent:

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