Here at Bradfield Stage Lighting, we have an extensive range of lighting and special effects equipment for rental! Whether you are looking for gear for a tour or for just one event, we have the equipment you need to succeed!

Here’s a small sampling of equipment we have in our rental inventory:

  1. Fixtures and accessories

  2. Portable dimming

  3. Consoles

  4. Power distros

  5. Trussing

  6. Decorative chandeliers

  7. LED Pars

  8. LED striplights

  9. Followspots

  1. Crank-up towers

  2. 1-Ton chain motors

  3. Feeder cable

  4. Mirror balls

  5. Confetti cannons

  6. Foggers & hazers

  7. Strobe lights

  8. Blacklights

  9. Cabling & adaptors

Call us today at 615/ 256.0977 for item availability and current pricing. And as always, discounted rates are available for package pricing!